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Taking advantage of these tips for moving is a smart step when the time has come to pack up and leave a home or apartment and relocate somewhere else. Knowing a few, or a dozen tips when it comes to moving can help cut down on time and stress, as well. In addition, it may even save some money on moving costs, which is probably the single best reason for learning a few of them these days.

  • When it comes to getting organized for a move, it's important to create some sort of record system in order to keep track of what is going where and in which boxes. It doesn't have to be a complicated system, but it should consist of something like a series of numbers next to which each item or category of furniture or clothing and the like can be annotated.
  • Keep in mind, as well, that it's very important a number be assigned to every box to be packed or item that's going to be moved. This is a trick that every professional moving company uses, and it's those numbers that will go onto the master list. It's also a great way to keep track of every item in the house and an equally great way to find those items again once unpacking begins.
  • As well, it's vital that enough supplies (boxes, packing tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, etc.) be on hand to do the job quickly and correctly. Chances are, that you will need much more supplies than what you have in mind, so get extra just in case. When watching professional movers do this job, look at how they use paper and tape in liberal amounts to get it done, if there's any confusion about why.
  • Most moving experts recommend that plenty of wardrobe boxes be purchased and then utilized, this is often overlooked but one of the main tips for moving. The reason for why such boxes come in handy is that they're tall and a great many items other than clothing - such as blankets and comforters - can be placed into them with little trouble. Remember; don't pack these boxes too full, because then they'll be too heavy to lift.
  • Another good tip to remember is to keep like items or categories of clothing and furniture and such together and that they are packed in the same box or series of numbered boxes. For example, if books are to be packed, try to pack them in the same numbered series of boxes as any bookends. Another example; light bulbs should be packed together with lamps.
The key to any sort of tips for moving lies in one thing and one thing only; organization. This means developing a plan for execution of a move and then making sure that it's flexible enough for last-minute adjustments. Always make up some kind of numbered list and then give each item to be packed one of those numbers. When a move is organized, it'll always tend to go much smoother.

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